Temporary Holiday Sites and Club Meets – Camping & Caravanning Club

As members of the Camping & Caravanning Club, we find that one of the main benefits of this membership is the use of these sites during the year for cheap holidays in our folding camper.

The Club Magazine lists hundreds of these such meets all over the country throughout the year.

The Club Meets usually run from Friday to Sunday, whereas the THS can run for up to a month, maybe more.

THS at Lawns rally Site in Spalding
THS at Lawns rally Site in Spalding

For us the main benefit is that we can holiday at relatively short notice in our folding camper, wherever the fancy takes us. Although, in reality, I normally plan where I want to go at the beginning of the year and usually we stick to the plan.

Temporary Holiday Sites can be a field with just a tap and an Elsan point, or they can be a full facility holiday site. Prices vary dependent on facilities but can be as low as £8 a night for a basic field, up to about £15 for a full facility site. We have stayed on both types, as well as school/college fields and rugby or cricket pitches. Some put on social activities, others are peaceful and quiet.

One of the things we love about the THS is that you aren’t restricted by times like on a campsite. You can turn up at 9am if you want, and leave at 8pm if you want. They are usually quite laid back, and normally you wouldn’t have to book in advance (the listing in the magazine would say if you had to book).  Some have toilets and showers, some don’t. It’s usually outlined in the magazine, or there is a telephone number if you need to check.

Sometime, the easy-goingness can be a disadvantage – we once turned up at a THS in Whitby to find them almost full…..thankfully as our folding camper is easier to manoeuvre than a caravan we were able to get into a tricky corner. But other than that, there isn’t really anything to not like about them

So far, we’ve stopped in THS in Whitby, Bridlington, Mablethorpe, Spalding, Newquay, Barry Island and Scarborough.

BBq fun at Olivers Mount in Scarborough
BBq fun at Olivers Mount in Scarborough

Last month we stopped at Olivers Mount in Scarborough, which we found to be an ideal location. There were toilets and showers available 7am until 10pm and the field was massive and not at all busy. We had a great week away, even though the weather was not kind to us.

This weekend we are staying local, at Darley Dale in Derbyshire. The THS has no facilities at all, be we are planning a quiet weekend away with a bit of walking in Derbyshire. I will hopefully be blogging about some of the THS we visit, so we can share some of these great locations.

*UPDATE – read my review of our stay here.*

Have you used the C&CC THS or Club meets ? Comment below if you have, I would love to hear of any you recommend.


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