Your folding camper tyres

When you get a new folding camper, it’s usually so exciting – planning for the first trip away, buying stuff for the camper, looking at campsites……..One thing that never occurred to us when we brought our folding camper, was the fact that it has tyres which would need inflating, checking and possibly changing.

tyres folding camper
Let’s talk tyres

To be honest, because the tyres looked in good condition, we presumed that everything was alright with them. After all, we only tow the camper a few times a year, don’t we? Further investigation on the internet led me to two articles that definitely opened my eyes.

There is an excellent resource for checking for information on folding camper tyre sizes and tyre pressures from Blue Sky Holdings here.

For factual information on tyres and when to change them, I won’t pretend to know lots about tyres,  but I would recommend Blue Sky again and their article here.

folding camper tyres
Check your tyres

Earlier in the year we had our folding camper serviced and the mobile caravan servicing company (AMCS in Derby) that did the service pointed out that our tyres were not dated  with a 4 digit code (they did not have a date on them). Although the tyres were visually in good condition, this lack of dating means that they were probably pre-2000.

I had always presumed that we would have to tow our folding camper to a garage to get the tyres changed, but our local, independent tyre fitter has a mobile service. They came to fit on our front garden for a £25 call-out fee. The costs for three tyres (we had a new spare) was £135 including the call-out charge. We didn’t have to move the camper, they came and did it all with the folding camper in situ on our front garden.

Just as a further note, we will be jacking the camper up and removing the tyres for indoor storage when we pack away the camper over winter.

Ilkley RUFC THS, W Yorks – Campsite Review

You may well be aware that I am a big fan of using the Camping and Caravanning Club Temporary Holiday Sites with my folding camper. Why ? – see my previous blog post describing why I love this cost effective and flexible camping option.

We recently decided to spend a week in the Yorkshire Dales; I wasn’t 100% sure of the location for a holiday with a teenager but the Yorkshire DA THS at Ilkley RUFC sounded a perfect location; close to town and by a river sounded very appealing.

We headed off on Sunday and on arrival the steward seemed a bit stressed, to say the least. The THS was really busy and there were just 3 pitches available. It isn’t often that THS are completely full, and usually if we ring before arrival we are told “Yeah, there’s plenty of room”, but on this occasion a quick call would have made the steward’s life a bit easier.

After we had put up the camper and the awning (full awning, not just the porch awning), we went into town for fish & chips (it’s a tradition). The town really is just a 5 minute walk away, up a slight hill.


Add to this a quiet riverside location, and this THS is really well placed for a holiday. There are activities for children on the parks alongside the river, as well as many restaurants within the town itself for adult campers.

Between 7am and around 10pm campers had access to the toilet and shower facilities at the Rugby Club. One unisex toilet, one disabled toilet, communal female showers, communal male showers, plus a private, lockable referee toilet/shower for both males and females.

Whilst there was occasionally a wait for a loo, I never had to wait for a shower. On the one occasion I used the communal showers, I was alone the whole time.

The pitches themselves were set around the edges of the two rugby pitches. The pitches were well set out, with a marker for each pitch, and were well spaced. Whilst we were there a few rugby training sessions took place, but were on the pitch away from caravans.

Camping at Ilkey
Camping at Ilkey

Each day at around 6pm the ice-cream van arrived, which proved to be popular.

And as for being a suitable holiday location, well we were kept reasonable busy. We visited Haworth (Bronte country), the nearby town of Skipton, Malham Cove and as we are keen walkers there were numerus walks in the nearby Dales to keep us busy.

All in all, we had a great week in Ilkley and would definitely return. This particular meet has now ended, but the steward assures me that they come every year. One thing though – she has requested that we call ahead, just to make sure that she doesn’t have too many headaches with full pitches !

Monk’s Dyke Tennyson College THS, Mablethorpe – Campsite Review

We’ve just returned from a long weekend away with our folding camper at a Temporary Holiday Site in Mablethorpe. If you are interested in why we choose this particular cost-effective way of camping, then please read this blog post.

This was our second stay at the THS at the school, we came here for a few days two years ago. The reason we returned was the location – 5 minutes from the seafront and beach, 5 minutes from Queen’s Park and 10 minutes from the town centre, with shops, eating options and entertainment.

The THS was hosted by South Lincs District Association, who celebrated their 50th anniversary this year.

South Lincs pennant
South Lincs pennant

The THS is based on the field at the rear of the school, and the school itself is in a residential area. There are toilets and showers available during daylight hours, so you will need your own loo for the night. There wasn’t always loo roll available in the toilets, but there was a clear “Bring Your Own” sign. There are water taps and an Elsan disposal point available for use.

The field itself is flat, and there was plenty of room. I rang ahead but there was no need – the field was far from full, even though there were a lot of units there. We asked if we could be in the spot where we were two years ago, kind of in a corner. This meant that we were able to put up the folding camper, porch awning, toilet tent and event shelter. This made us a good sized area to sit out and eat outside, as the weather was lovely.

My only criticism was the rooster, that cockadoodled from dawn intermittently! I presume he lives in one of the houses, he’s an early riser though!

Unfortunately, the school closed in July, and will not be reopening in September. This means that this will probably be the last THS held at this site. This particular meet runs until the 30th August.

Jenny’s Folding Camper Makeover

Some fabrics just shout out “holidays” and Jenny’s folding camper makeover really does have that holiday feel.

Jenny's folding camper makeover
Jenny’s folding camper makeover

I really love how the fabrics in Jenny’s camper all tie in with the burgundy of the canvas, It really brings it all together and the colours are so bright and cheery.

Jenny's folding camper makeover
Jenny’s folding camper makeover

This picture really shows off the different fabrics that Jenny used, and how they all tie in together. I LOVE how it all ties in, and it makes the camper look so cosy, a real home from home.

Jenny's folding camper makeover
Jenny’s folding camper makeover

I know that Jenny has shared some photo’s of her holidays since the makeover, and it really did look that they had a great time.

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