Olpro Safire Roaster Review

Please note that this product was purchased by myself for my own personal use after research on the internet, and I have not been paid to review or promote this product. However following the links and making a purchase may result in me receiving a small payment as an affiliate of Olpro.

Do you sometimes struggle cooking in your folding camper?

We have got two gas burners and a grill but sometimes it just isn’t enough.
This does also restrict us on what we can cook – often we can be found scrutinising packets in a supermarket to see if we can grill or steam something, rather than bake.
After some research on the internet, I read a lot of good reviews about both Cobb20160811_184622 Barbeque and the Safire Roaster. The Olpro Safire Roaster came out slightly cheaper, so that was the one we decided on.
We’ve used it away on a couple of holidays and have really been impressed with the variety of things we can cook on it.
The roaster can use standard charcoal (30 mins to light) or the Cobb BBQ Cobbles  (3 minutes to light). While we are away, the Cobb cobbles are easiest due to the short time before we can get cooking. They burn for about 2 hours at a constant temperature.


The cobbles are quite expensive at  around £15 for 6 so we always try and cook a few things at once – meat, some potatoes, bread, vegetables. We once even baked some scones (I mixed dry ingredients before we went away and then added wet ingredients just before baking).
Ultimately, the roaster has a grill like base (grooved or straight) and we also purchased a roasting rack, as well as an extension (for cooking a whole chicken for eg). We also purchased a carry bag – as well as being handy to keep all the parts in, this also has a cool bag inserted within, so is handy to carry food to a picnic or the beach.
We did also purchase an accelerator combo which enables a whistle kettle to go on it and also can be used as an outside heater – we’ve had variable results from this – yes, it will eventually boil a kettle, but we didn’t really notice much heat from it when we sat outside and used the last remnants of the cobble as a heater.

Sausages and mushrooms
Sausages and mushrooms

All in all, this roaster isn’t particularly cheap, and using the cobbles can be expensive, if not convenient. However, it has added such variety to our meals on holiday it has really been worth it. We’ve had roast beef dinner, warm ready to bake rolls, home made scones, roast vegetables, barbequed sausages and burgers, chicken breast (BBQ, baked in foil and also roasted)… the list is endless……

Camping & Caravanning Club membership

People who are new to camping and to folding campers, often ask whether membership of the Camping & Caravanning Club is worthwhile. Membership costs from £37 a year.

THS at Lawns rally Site in Spalding
THS at Lawns rally Site in Spalding

For the past few years we have been members of the C&CC. Do we think it is worthwhile?

There is one major advantage for us – being able to use Temporary Holiday Sites. THS are great, so much so that I wrote an entire blog post about it here.


At Easter, we usually use one of their Club sites with EHU, that way we are

Camping with a view of the sea at Barry, wales
Camping with a view of the sea at Barry, wales

guaranteed a hot shower and some warmth (by way of a heater)  if the weather isn’t great. Site prices would be in excess of £20 per night.

Over the summer, we make use of Temporary Holiday Sites and rarely pay more than £10-12 a night. We have a toilet tent and camping loo, but in early or late season we try and ensure that any stays over 4 nights include toilets and showers.

NewquayFor weekends away we don’t usually worry about full facilities (although if they have them, it is a bonus).

For us, the beauty of Camping & Caravanning Club THS is that usually we don’t have to book, we can just decide where we want to go and just turn up. (Although in reality, I have usually decided where I want to go in advance). I would also suggest that a quick call to the advertised number might be an idea, particularly at busy times. Some THS do also require a booking, some require a deposit in advance.


Clingons eyelet clips for awnings, tarpaulins etc

Sometimes, there are occasions when tents or awnings flap around, or maybe you have a tarp that needs to be fastened down onto the ground. This is where Clingons eyelet clips come in.

Please note that these Clingosn eyelet clips were purchased for my own personal use following my own internet research. I have not been supplied with these clips free of charge, or for the purposes of providing a review.

We had a bizarre situation, whereby we went camping in our folding camper

awning clip
Clingons holding the awning down

with some caravanning relatives. On arrival, we discovered that we both had the same Sunncamp 220 awning. However, once the awnings were up it seems that although they were the same model of awning – they were definitely not the same awning……… wheras our relatives’ awning had clips all round the bottom to enable it to be firmly fastened down, ours only had clips in the corners. For a year or so we had been content with our slightly flappy awning (we always just put it down to the wind) but having seen how taut it could be we set about looking into ways of fixing it down without making holes in it.

clingon tent clip
Clingon Clip

So what are they?

A bit of web searching later and I had discovered Clingons. These fit over your tent/awning/tarp etc and clip into place, and also have a hole suitable for inserting a peg into, so you can attache them onto your awning etc and fix it down as you would normally.

The customer service was great after I placed my order, and the Clingons arrived quickly in the post.

And the verdict ?

Well, we ordered 8 ( 2 packs) and after a “disagreement” over how many we

tent clip

needed, I think it is fair to say that we could have done with a few more. The 8 that we have fit nicely around the base of our awning, pull it taut and keep it from flapping around. Definitely, a good investment for keeping us cosy and snug in our awning, with minimal flapping and blowing.

Folding Camper Storage Box Seals repair

Storage Box Repairs

Do you have problems with water getting into your front storage box  on your folding camper? Could the seals be leaking? We experienced dampness in the bottom of our storage box, and decided to try and get to the bottom of the problem.

The problem

When we purchased our Conway Cardinal Clubman folding camper, the previous owner showed us a minor repair he had made within the storage box. The box was water tight to start with, but 2 years down the line we started to suffer from excessive water gathering in the bottom of the storage box. We had presumed that the problem was either the previous repair, or blocked overflows.

folding camper storage box seals
Old seals

After clearing the overflows we thought that we had solved the problem. But still the contents of the storage box were getting wet. It got so bad that we were having to put everything in black bags and stuffed the bottom with rags – but then it started to smell fusty too.

In the end, we decided to have a go at replacing the seals around the storage box, which seemed worn and also didn’t quite meet – there was a 1cm gap and they were perishing in places. We weren’t exactly sure what we needed, and had not been able to identify anything suitable at any caravan shops (maybe they just happened to be particularly unhelpful ones).

The Solution

After a short search, I came across a company online, Seals Direct. They had a brochure, so we ordered a copy. By sitting at home with the brochure (with lifesize pictures) and by slicing off a piece of the seal, we were able to make a match.

folding camper storage box

After ordering 4 metres of ET57 Titanfast clip on edge trim, we set about

folding camper storage box
New seals

removing the old, brittle and perished seal, and replaced it with a lovely piece of  new flexible seal.  We were able to get a snug fit as we ordered plenty.  I can report that even with some of the very heavy storms we have had over the last few weeks of summer, there has been no leakage. All the contents of the storage box are now bone – dry.

storage box folding camper
Newly sealed storage box

Seals Direct were found through the normal search methods, and I am not receiving any reward for recommending their products. There may be other companies or retailers who are also able to provide similar seals. This post is merely a recount of my own personal experience.