Happy New Year – Looking forward to 2017

As the last of the Christmas decorations are packed away into the loft, many of us are looking forward to upcoming camping trips. I’m also looking upwards, into the loft. As the decorations go up there, my attention will be drawn to many of the ‘innards’ of our Conway Cardinal Clubman, that are being stored up there over winter. All patiently waiting to be given a new lease of life in the spring.

The curtains have been removed with a plan to make new ones, although that will be a steep learning curve for me. The bed pods are up there, already dyed a much darker ‘pewter’ grey than the originals. The tired looking seat cushions are to be recovered to give them a new lease of life.

So why wait until Easter?

We have made a decision not to make Easter our first camping trip of the year, for two reasons:

  • To give us more time to carry out the renovations
  • Last year Easter was a muddy washout, a year out might allow us to forget

So, if the new flooring, curtains and seat covers aren’t finished for Easter, we can at least spend some time on them over Easter.

I will be posting updates as we make changes to our folding camper over the coming months, so make sure you are signed up for updates. Apologies for being quiet of late – I was made redundant at the end of October and have spent the last few months starting my own business, so I have had a few other things on my mind.

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