Sunncamp Swift 220 awning review

sunncamp porch awning
Darley Dale THS

I don’t know about you, but I am always interested in looking at how folding camper owners have set up camp for their holidays. As we have a Conway Cardinal, our awning options are quite varied.

As we have a hard top folding camper with an awning channel, we purchased a Sunncamp Swift 220 Deluxe Awning so that we could still have the awning space without putting up the full Conway awning . To be honest, the full awning is heavy, takes up a load of room in the car/camper and isn’t the quickest awning to erect. We would probably use the Conway awning for 1 week holidays, but for anything less we use the porch awning.

sunncamp porch awning
Darley Dale Derbyshire

The porch awning slides into the awning channel on the roof of our Conway Cardinal (hard top) and we try to remember to slide it on before we lift the roof – it is much easier that way.

The Sunncamp Swift 220 Deluxe Awning is a porch awning, and has enough room for the dog’s cage and three chairs, plus other bits and bobs. We find it useful for putting coats, shoes and wellies in when the weather is bad too.

sunncamp porch awning
Heacham, Norfolk

The awning measures 220×225 cm and has one large front window/door and two side doors. We have also bought a awning carpet, which fits both our porch awning and most of our larger awning . A review of this will follow later in the season.

We usually take the porch awning with us for long weekends away or short midweek breaks.

This post contains affiliate links for which I may receive a small payment. Please note that the awning was purchased for my own personal use.

Folding Camper Makeovers – Cushions

Admittedly, this isn’t exactly folding camper related, but it is part of me “practising” for when I makeover the cushions and curtains in my folding camper.

The cushion covers on my outdoor garden furniture were non-washable but were looking a bit worse for wear. We have bunting on our shed which I really liked and wanted the chairs to co-ordinate. I purchased 3m of fabric matching each of the two fabrics in the bunting.

As I am no sewing expert, I use Dritz Adhesive Unique Stitch Adhesive-1.25oz
, a fabric glue to stick rather than sewing the seams together.

I’m really pleased with the results of the seat pads, and the co-ordinating scatter cushions.

And at least I have had some practice ready for when I (hopefully) start to recover my camper seats later this  year.

Conway Owners Club

I don’t know about you, but when we are camping with our folding camper, we are always hoping that another folding camper will pull onto the site. Unfortunately, we’ve only ever camped with another folding camper a handful of times!

So, with a view to eventually joining them on rallies and club meets, we have folding camperjoined the Conway Owners Club. There is a minimal charge of £25 to join the club, and included in this is a magazine and access to a members-only area of the website. There is an active Facebook Group and the club also organise meets for members, and this was really our main reason for joining the club. The magazine includes club updates, rally reports and informative articles.

As we start to make plans for our trips away this summer, we are hoping to be able to get to one of the Conway Owners Club rallies or meets (there is a list in the Contours magazine).

folding camperIt will be great to get out and about with some other folding camper units. I fear that not many members will still be FC owners, and new memberships are not that forthcoming. If you own a Conway Unit, please show your support to the group and invest in a yearly membership rather than just lurking on the Facebook Group – it’s a great way to keep interest in Conways and folding campers and meet (and ask advice from) like-minded people.

Once we have been on the meets, I will, as always, post a review of the sites and in this case – the Conway Club rallies as well.