Camping & Caravanning Club membership

People who are new to camping and to folding campers, often ask whether membership of the Camping & Caravanning Club is worthwhile. Membership costs from £37 a year.

THS at Lawns rally Site in Spalding
THS at Lawns rally Site in Spalding

For the past few years we have been members of the C&CC. Do we think it is worthwhile?

There is one major advantage for us – being able to use Temporary Holiday Sites. THS are great, so much so that I wrote an entire blog post about it here.


At Easter, we usually use one of their Club sites with EHU, that way we are

Camping with a view of the sea at Barry, wales
Camping with a view of the sea at Barry, wales

guaranteed a hot shower and some warmth (by way of a heater)  if the weather isn’t great. Site prices would be in excess of £20 per night.

Over the summer, we make use of Temporary Holiday Sites and rarely pay more than £10-12 a night. We have a toilet tent and camping loo, but in early or late season we try and ensure that any stays over 4 nights include toilets and showers.

NewquayFor weekends away we don’t usually worry about full facilities (although if they have them, it is a bonus).

For us, the beauty of Camping & Caravanning Club THS is that usually we don’t have to book, we can just decide where we want to go and just turn up. (Although in reality, I have usually decided where I want to go in advance). I would also suggest that a quick call to the advertised number might be an idea, particularly at busy times. Some THS do also require a booking, some require a deposit in advance.


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