Conway Cardinal Clubman – sofa recovering

Instead of venturing out this Easter, we decided to give it a miss this year. This was in part due to a very cold and wet Easter last year, and partly because we wanted to make some changes to our camper. As well as new floor coverings and cupboard handles, we wanted to recover the upholstery and replace all the curtains. We had also dyed the bed pods using Dylon Machine Dye Powder in Pewter Grey – using one pack per pod.
The cupboard handles were from B&Q and the lino was fitted by a local company.

Recovering the upholstery was a major job for us to tackle – I had previously recovered a few small stools and we had carried out repairs on the old upholstery, both using a staple gun. As I have limited sewing skills (and a very small craft machine) we decided to follow one of the numerous tutorials for the parcel style recovering. We didn’t remove the previous upholstery or the buttons – we simply covered the buttons with a little upholstery wadding so that they didn’t show through the new material. The material we selected was from ebay and was a grey chenille upholstery fabric.

folding camper cushionWe started off with the backs of the sofas as they already had board inside them (for the staples to go against/into). We basically followed a process of wrapping the cushions like a present :

  1. Fold the fabric around the cushion along the length
  2. Secure along the length using the staple gun


3. Fold each end into a point and neatly bring across the cushion

4.Secure in place using the staple gun

Always ensure that the fabric is pulled taut, to ensure a smooth finish. Try to turn the cushion over before securing, to check there are no creases.




For the bases, we were aware that there was just cushion and there was nothing to staple the fabric onto. We purchased 2mm MDF to use as a firm base to staple against – our local joinery establishment cuts this to size too.


On top of the cushion we used upholstery wadding to ensure that all the buttons were covered and the seat would be nice and smooth. Then we used the same method to cover the bases – easy!
Well, apart from the corner sofa – such an ace addition to a Clubman but an absolute nightmare to cover. This caused us a headache and a bit of strategic folding, but we got there in the end.

When we went to repack our cushions into the camper, they did take up a little more space than previously (the additional board and fabric) so my husband has to rethink his packing up process.


Once everything is completed, we will be having a ‘big reveal’ – I am so excited to see how a few updates may be able to transform our slightly tired camper.

Have you recovered the sofa cushions in your folding camper?

I’m always looking for ideas and inspiration from other folding camper owners, so please do share.


Happy New Year – Looking forward to 2017

As the last of the Christmas decorations are packed away into the loft, many of us are looking forward to upcoming camping trips. I’m also looking upwards, into the loft. As the decorations go up there, my attention will be drawn to many of the ‘innards’ of our Conway Cardinal Clubman, that are being stored up there over winter. All patiently waiting to be given a new lease of life in the spring.

The curtains have been removed with a plan to make new ones, although that will be a steep learning curve for me. The bed pods are up there, already dyed a much darker ‘pewter’ grey than the originals. The tired looking seat cushions are to be recovered to give them a new lease of life.

So why wait until Easter?

We have made a decision not to make Easter our first camping trip of the year, for two reasons:

  • To give us more time to carry out the renovations
  • Last year Easter was a muddy washout, a year out might allow us to forget

So, if the new flooring, curtains and seat covers aren’t finished for Easter, we can at least spend some time on them over Easter.

I will be posting updates as we make changes to our folding camper over the coming months, so make sure you are signed up for updates. Apologies for being quiet of late – I was made redundant at the end of October and have spent the last few months starting my own business, so I have had a few other things on my mind.

Why not check out some of the folding camper updates that have already been featured, such as Jenny’s  and Elizabeth’s.

Take a look at our camper as we packed it away for winter ready for renovations here.

Winter storage and plans

Now the weather has turned colder, many of us are returning from trips away in our folding campers and are thinking of packing them away for winter storage.

While it is common practice to take soft furnishings out over the winter period, we have stripped the insides out ready for a major makeover over the winter period.

Bed end without curtain, pelmet or pod
Bed end

Gone are the light grey  bed pods – now dyed pewter, a dark grey to keep out the light – and are in storage inside the house until spring. The curtains and pelmet from in front of the pods have also been removed and will be replaced.


Removing the pelmets
Removing the pelmets

The pelmets are gone – never to be replaced, sorry but they  seem dated and fussy, so they have gone.

The curtains have been removed, and will eventually be replaced.



The cupboard door handles have been removed and will be replaced with something a little more up-to-date.

Blank canvas
Blank canvas

The carpet (and lino that we found underneath) have been taken out and will be replaced by something a lot easier to take care of.

Make sure you are signed up for my blog post updates as the makeover continues over the winter and early spring to see the changes we have made.

I am also always keen to see any renovations, alterations and makeovers made to other folding campers, so please feel free to get in touch via my feedback page.

Folding Camper Storage Box Seals repair

Storage Box Repairs

Do you have problems with water getting into your front storage box  on your folding camper? Could the seals be leaking? We experienced dampness in the bottom of our storage box, and decided to try and get to the bottom of the problem.

The problem

When we purchased our Conway Cardinal Clubman folding camper, the previous owner showed us a minor repair he had made within the storage box. The box was water tight to start with, but 2 years down the line we started to suffer from excessive water gathering in the bottom of the storage box. We had presumed that the problem was either the previous repair, or blocked overflows.

folding camper storage box seals
Old seals

After clearing the overflows we thought that we had solved the problem. But still the contents of the storage box were getting wet. It got so bad that we were having to put everything in black bags and stuffed the bottom with rags – but then it started to smell fusty too.

In the end, we decided to have a go at replacing the seals around the storage box, which seemed worn and also didn’t quite meet – there was a 1cm gap and they were perishing in places. We weren’t exactly sure what we needed, and had not been able to identify anything suitable at any caravan shops (maybe they just happened to be particularly unhelpful ones).

The Solution

After a short search, I came across a company online, Seals Direct. They had a brochure, so we ordered a copy. By sitting at home with the brochure (with lifesize pictures) and by slicing off a piece of the seal, we were able to make a match.

folding camper storage box

After ordering 4 metres of ET57 Titanfast clip on edge trim, we set about

folding camper storage box
New seals

removing the old, brittle and perished seal, and replaced it with a lovely piece of  new flexible seal.  We were able to get a snug fit as we ordered plenty.  I can report that even with some of the very heavy storms we have had over the last few weeks of summer, there has been no leakage. All the contents of the storage box are now bone – dry.

storage box folding camper
Newly sealed storage box

Seals Direct were found through the normal search methods, and I am not receiving any reward for recommending their products. There may be other companies or retailers who are also able to provide similar seals. This post is merely a recount of my own personal experience.


Jenny’s Folding Camper Makeover

Some fabrics just shout out “holidays” and Jenny’s folding camper makeover really does have that holiday feel.

Jenny's folding camper makeover
Jenny’s folding camper makeover

I really love how the fabrics in Jenny’s camper all tie in with the burgundy of the canvas, It really brings it all together and the colours are so bright and cheery.

Jenny's folding camper makeover
Jenny’s folding camper makeover

This picture really shows off the different fabrics that Jenny used, and how they all tie in together. I LOVE how it all ties in, and it makes the camper look so cosy, a real home from home.

Jenny's folding camper makeover
Jenny’s folding camper makeover

I know that Jenny has shared some photo’s of her holidays since the makeover, and it really did look that they had a great time.

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for your own folding camper, sign uo to my blog updates to make sure you see all my featured campers. I will also be sharing tips, information and reviews, so sign up to make sure you don’t miss out.

I’m always looking for pictures of folding camper makeovers to inspire me and give me ideas for my own camper makeover. If you would like to share your pictures, please feel free to contact me and send them over.


Elizabeth’s Folding Camper Makeover

Nothing gives me more inspiration for my own folding camper makeover than seeing the great improvements others have made on their own campers. Hopefully, by sharing makeovers and upgrades from other camper owners, we can all get inspiration for our own campers.

Elizabeth's Camper Before/After
Elizabeth’s Camper Before/After

Elizabeth’s camper makeover is modern and stylish and I particularly like the unfussy pelmet with bunting – so much more attractive than the fussy original ones. It really made me rethink how I might do mine.

Elizabeth's camper
Elizabeth’s camper

The fabrics are so modern and really brighten up Elizabeth’s camper.

Elizabeth started her makeover just a few weeks before her holiday and finished it with just 5 days to go !

I’m sure that Elizabeth will have a great holiday in her camper.


I love to see any changes and upgrades made to folding campers, and would love to see photo’s of your unit if you have given your camper a makeover. All featured makeovers can be found here.

What do you think of Elizabeth’s makeover? Has it gven you some inspiration for your own camper.

Here’s before and after shots of Elizabeth’s makeover again.

Elizabeth's Camper before/After
Elizabeth’s Camper before/After
Elizabeth's Camper Before/After
Elizabeth’s Camper Before/After