Clingons eyelet clips for awnings, tarpaulins etc

Sometimes, there are occasions when tents or awnings flap around, or maybe you have a tarp that needs to be fastened down onto the ground. This is where Clingons eyelet clips come in.

Please note that these Clingosn eyelet clips were purchased for my own personal use following my own internet research. I have not been supplied with these clips free of charge, or for the purposes of providing a review.

We had a bizarre situation, whereby we went camping in our folding camper

awning clip
Clingons holding the awning down

with some caravanning relatives. On arrival, we discovered that we both had the same Sunncamp 220 awning. However, once the awnings were up it seems that although they were the same model of awning – they were definitely not the same awning……… wheras our relatives’ awning had clips all round the bottom to enable it to be firmly fastened down, ours only had clips in the corners. For a year or so we had been content with our slightly flappy awning (we always just put it down to the wind) but having seen how taut it could be we set about looking into ways of fixing it down without making holes in it.

clingon tent clip
Clingon Clip

So what are they?

A bit of web searching later and I had discovered Clingons. These fit over your tent/awning/tarp etc and clip into place, and also have a hole suitable for inserting a peg into, so you can attache them onto your awning etc and fix it down as you would normally.

The customer service was great after I placed my order, and the Clingons arrived quickly in the post.

And the verdict ?

Well, we ordered 8 ( 2 packs) and after a “disagreement” over how many we

tent clip

needed, I think it is fair to say that we could have done with a few more. The 8 that we have fit nicely around the base of our awning, pull it taut and keep it from flapping around. Definitely, a good investment for keeping us cosy and snug in our awning, with minimal flapping and blowing.

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