Conway Cardinal Clubman – replacing curtains

The curtains for our folding camper are strange – not quite material but not quite plastic. They are also a pale mottled green colour and dry-clean only. They were dull looking and we felt that if we modernised the rest of the camper, the curtains needed to be part of the revamp. The pelmets were also too fussy, so they came down and are not going to be replaced.

After measuring up for the material I needed, this was ordered from ebay (Clarke and Clarke Trad in Heather/Olive) – we chose it because of the variety of colours. Our canvas is green but we did not want green curtains. We have some olive and heather bunting so that was the theme that we went with.

Using the old curtains as templates, I carefully cut around leaving a 1cm hem. I then ironed each hem into place – the crease makes the hems easier to glue.

For each piece, I glued down each side hem and let it dry before securing the bottom hem. I used Dritz Adhesive Unique Stitch Adhesive-1.25oz as it is strong and cannot be seen through fabric (Don’t buy cheap stuff from the Pound Shop!).

I reattached the old header tape to the top of the curtains and used my small craft sewing machine to fix it in place using two neat rows along the tops of the curtains.

I also used the same method using Prestige Fizzle fabric in slate to make curtains for the bed ends too.


The finished results look good, but we have to wait to get the camper up and put the curtains up to get a true picture and to do the big reveal.

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