Folding Camper Storage Box Seals repair

Storage Box Repairs

Do you have problems with water getting into your front storage box  on your folding camper? Could the seals be leaking? We experienced dampness in the bottom of our storage box, and decided to try and get to the bottom of the problem.

The problem

When we purchased our Conway Cardinal Clubman folding camper, the previous owner showed us a minor repair he had made within the storage box. The box was water tight to start with, but 2 years down the line we started to suffer from excessive water gathering in the bottom of the storage box. We had presumed that the problem was either the previous repair, or blocked overflows.

folding camper storage box seals
Old seals

After clearing the overflows we thought that we had solved the problem. But still the contents of the storage box were getting wet. It got so bad that we were having to put everything in black bags and stuffed the bottom with rags – but then it started to smell fusty too.

In the end, we decided to have a go at replacing the seals around the storage box, which seemed worn and also didn’t quite meet – there was a 1cm gap and they were perishing in places. We weren’t exactly sure what we needed, and had not been able to identify anything suitable at any caravan shops (maybe they just happened to be particularly unhelpful ones).

The Solution

After a short search, I came across a company online, Seals Direct. They had a brochure, so we ordered a copy. By sitting at home with the brochure (with lifesize pictures) and by slicing off a piece of the seal, we were able to make a match.

folding camper storage box

After ordering 4 metres of ET57 Titanfast clip on edge trim, we set about

folding camper storage box
New seals

removing the old, brittle and perished seal, and replaced it with a lovely piece of  new flexible seal.  We were able to get a snug fit as we ordered plenty.  I can report that even with some of the very heavy storms we have had over the last few weeks of summer, there has been no leakage. All the contents of the storage box are now bone – dry.

storage box folding camper
Newly sealed storage box

Seals Direct were found through the normal search methods, and I am not receiving any reward for recommending their products. There may be other companies or retailers who are also able to provide similar seals. This post is merely a recount of my own personal experience.


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