HandiHoldall and HandiRacks Review – Part 1

Part 1 – HandiRacks

Or “How to pack more stuff for the holidays”

Do you find that no matter how well you pack, there just isn’t enough room to take everything you want on holiday in your folding camper?

Read on, as we have found a great solution to this. As I will be reviewing both the racks and the bags, I have separated the review into two parts. First up – the racks.

(Please note that the HandiRacks and HandiHoldall were purchased by me for my own personal use whilst camping, and that I am not being paid to endorse this product. However, please be aware that this post contains affiliate links for which I may be paid a small commission should you make a purchase.)

Handiholdall roof bag

So, despite having a car with a massive boot, we had begun to find that we had less and less space for our essentials when we were away in our folding camper for a week or more. Last year, we had our old Ford Focus when we went to Cornwall for a week with our Conway Cardinal, and the old Focus roof-bars were in the garage, along with a tatty roof box from a well-known car shop. Faced with the prospect of buying yet another set of roof bars for our new Mondeo, I started my online search feeling slightly downhearted. We were also aware that our roof box was difficult to fix onto the bars, difficult to open and close and didn’t really hold that much – particularly as it was rigid and an awkward shape. My online search led me to a company that had a roof bag, which seemed easier to use/fill than a roof box, and pretty cost effective. They also made a product that alleviated the need for a new set of bars with each new car purchase – an inflatable roof rack.

What are Handi Racks ?

Handi racks are inflatable roof bars, and can be fitted on almost any car. Because they are universal, there is no need to buy a new set of roof bars each time you get a new car. They are relatively easy to fit onto your car in just a few minutes, and come pretty much ready to go out the box (including a pump!).

roof rack and roof bars
Handiracks and Handiholdall


Basically, they go over your car and through each door to fasten within the car. I can confirm that while we were driving the straps within the car were completely unnoticeable and did not affect the inside of our car at all. I have read online reviews that suggest heavy rain soaks the straps and that this can soak down the strap into the car, but we didn’t have rain on our journey and so cannot comment on this.

Once they are inflated, they can support up to 80kg on the roof of your car – this could be camping stuff within a HandiHoldall, or could be flat packed furniture, surfboards etc. The racks have 5 D-RING anchor points on them, enabling you to fix various items on to the racks.roof rack

There are also optional anti slip pads (to pop between your car roof and the racks) and a rain kit (to soak up any water that might soak into the straps).

roof rackThe racks retail at around £65, from various different online sites and we felt that this cost was reasonable given that the racks will be used on either of our cars (Mondeo and Fiesta) and can be transferred for future vehicle purchases, or lent to family & friends.

We also purchased a HandiHoldall and some duffels, which I will be reviewing in Part 2 of this Handiworld review.

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