Handiworld – HandiRacks and Handiholdall – Part 2

Part 2 – Handiholdall

(Please note that the HandiRacks and HandiHoldall were purchased by me for my own personal use whilst camping, and that I am not being paid to endorse this product. However, please be aware that this post contains affiliate links for which I may be paid a small commission should you make a purchase.)

Following on from my review of the HandiRacks, today I am reviewing the holdall . You can read my review of the HandiRacks here.

The holdall states that it has a capacity of 320 litres, but I guess that this is hard to imagine. But it really is HUGE.

folding camper roof rack
Handiholdall in action

We purchased two additional orange duffels which each can contain 135 litres, and these two fit side by side into to HandiHoldall once it is on the roofracks (never pack up the holdall before you secure it onto the roofrack).

To give you some idea of what we fitted in each duffel : there are three of us (two adults and a 13 year old)

  • Duffel one contained all of our clothes for one week away, we took more than we needed
  • Duffel two contained all our shoes, toiletries, books, and also towels (hand, bath, tea)

Basically – everything we needed to take with us. The boot of our car literally roof rackcontained a very large awning for a Conway Cardinal (including poles and annexe) , a freezer bag and two bags of other foodstuffs. (You shouldn’t put food in the HandiHoldall).

So, the two duffels went up into the roofbag and although there was enough space for more gear, we didn’t really have anything to put up there.

The bag fixes on to the roof rack using straps and are securely fastened (obviously the holdall comes with full instructions).


The duffel bags have triple fold zips , to keep water out and are made from very thick plastic. There are several straps over the whole of the bag, to assist with lifting them onto the car (bear in mind the maximum weight your car can carry, and how strong you are to lift them up there)

In addition, the HandiHoldall also has covers over the zipper to keep all the contents dry.

roof rack and roof bars
Handiracks and Handiholdall

Once we were all packed up, we could see that there would have been space for even more up there in the holdall, but we really did not have anything else to put up there!

One thing to note is that the Holdall does not have to be fitted onto the HandiRacks – if you have conventional roof bars for your car already, the Holdall can be purchased alone and comes with the necessary straps to fit it to roof bars.

The HandiHoldall and the duffels are available at various online retailers and retail at around £100. Given their flexibility and capacity, and how easy they are to fit onto the car, I would definitely recommend the Holdall over a conventional roofbox.


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