A Blog!!

Welcome to my blog.

After searching the internet for inspiration for my folding camper, I discovered that there are few sources. The best one was an American blog, which was nice but I really like to look at UK campers, set up, renovated, repaired and just generally having fun out and about.

So, I decided to start my own – my aim is to share my own camping experiences and hopefully you will join me.

2 thoughts on “A Blog!!”

  1. Hello, We are the proud owners of a Trigano lifestyle folding camper. The canvas needs a bit of a clean. I was thinking about using a power washer on the canvas just water no detergents.
    What are your views?

    1. Hi Michael, You are right about not using detergents (apart from pure soap flakes) although elbow grease or a hand held steam cleaner would be kinder on the canvas than the powerwasher.

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