Popaloo Toilet Tent product review

Most of the larger modern folding campers do now usually come with a toilet included inside the camper – but what to do when you have an older model?

We have a 1992 Conway Cardinal Clubman, with a lovely big wardrobe and wonderful roomy corner sofa – but no toilet cubicle. (More recent  folding campers shrunk the sofa and moved the wardrobe to allow for a toilet cubicle, I believe). We do like to visit rallies so sometimes there aren’t facilities available all day every day.

A few years ago, when we started out with our folding camper, we were given a hideous large toilet tent. It was like a big black beacon, obvious and also not very sturdy. Nothing beats trying to use the loo, whilst the tent is being blown flat over you !!!!

Anyway, I think it had ripped and was a  bit past it’s best. So, on a trip to the Motorhome and Caravan Show at Birmingham NEC 3 years ago, we were intrigued by the Popaloo stand. We didn’t need the actual toilet (we already have a decent porta loo), but  we did need a new tent to put it in.

folding camper
Camping in Darley Dale

We purchased a medium tent – there is a large available. At 5’4” I am OK to get in and “sit” , my husband is a similar height but he can’t stand up, he also has to sit down to use the loo. So anyone any taller than us, will definitely need the larger version. Saying that, once it is positioned next to the bedroom of our folding camper, it is hardly noticeable, especially as it is so low and green.

The tent comes with four guy ropes and fixings, a removable groundsheet, support hooks and straps and a rear vent window.


The great thing about the Popaloo is that it is so easy to erect – it literally pops up. Getting it folded up is sometimes a bit of a job, it’s one of those that you have to bend and fold up just right – I think there is just a knack to it.

For us, the Popaloo tent has meant quicker pitching and a more aesthetically pleasing and less obvious toilet tent.


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