Your folding camper tyres

When you get a new folding camper, it’s usually so exciting – planning for the first trip away, buying stuff for the camper, looking at campsites……..One thing that never occurred to us when we brought our folding camper, was the fact that it has tyres which would need inflating, checking and possibly changing.

tyres folding camper
Let’s talk tyres

To be honest, because the tyres looked in good condition, we presumed that everything was alright with them. After all, we only tow the camper a few times a year, don’t we? Further investigation on the internet led me to two articles that definitely opened my eyes.

There is an excellent resource for checking for information on folding camper tyre sizes and tyre pressures from Blue Sky Holdings here.

For factual information on tyres and when to change them, I won’t pretend to know lots about tyres,  but I would recommend Blue Sky again and their article here.

folding camper tyres
Check your tyres

Earlier in the year we had our folding camper serviced and the mobile caravan servicing company (AMCS in Derby) that did the service pointed out that our tyres were not dated  with a 4 digit code (they did not have a date on them). Although the tyres were visually in good condition, this lack of dating means that they were probably pre-2000.

I had always presumed that we would have to tow our folding camper to a garage to get the tyres changed, but our local, independent tyre fitter has a mobile service. They came to fit on our front garden for a £25 call-out fee. The costs for three tyres (we had a new spare) was £135 including the call-out charge. We didn’t have to move the camper, they came and did it all with the folding camper in situ on our front garden.

Just as a further note, we will be jacking the camper up and removing the tyres for indoor storage when we pack away the camper over winter.